2018: My year so far - (Goals Progress Report)

April 22, 2018

Welcome back guys, we are already approaching the middle of April!. I taught I would give an update on how my year is going so far mostly in relation to my goals. So here it goes:

TLDR; It has been a slow start of the year for me and my goals but trying to get back on track

Goals Details

In January I wrote this post about my goals for the first 12 weeks of the year and the new system that I was planning to follow. In that post, I explained that my focus was to continue focusing on doing as much programming/web development as possible and I had a few goals:

Goal #1: Release v2 of Zerowastestores - This was done and I was delighted with the results. I wanted to make a better design, add some features and refactor a bunch of code and I got it all done at the end of January. Soon after releasing it I realized I could improve it even more which I am currently looking at scoping the changes I need and trying to figure out what is the best features to implement first.

Goal #2: Implement and Release v1 of Portfolio Website - _I actually started this goal early in the march and spend a good amount of time to think about exactly what I wanted. I also took the chance to do all the initial designs via wireframing before I do any code. This was really my first time doing my own wireframing and I really enjoyed it. Around the middle of March, I started my moving process so all progress on this goal stopped. I will plan some time out later on in the year to get this done.

Goal #3: Get 1st Freelance Client  - _This was mostly depending on Goal #2 to allow me to advertise my services as goal 2 wasn’t there I didn’t think there was much point in actively trying to get a freelance client. This will be planned for later in the year.

Goal #4: Take and complete 2 online courses - This was a Goal I was actively trying to do as soon as I wrote the initial post. The two courses I took was:

  • CSS Course to Brush up on CSS
  • Udemy Course: JavaScript and React for Developers: Master the Essentials

I do wish I had completed more courses but at the start of this year was a bit crazy for me.


In Summary, it has been a slow start to 2018 for me and I need to do some re-prioritizing with my goals and vision for the year. In particular, I need to be constantly reminded of my goals and my progress for the year. I will be tracking my achievements for the year via this Github Repo. I hope you guys are having a great year.

Until next time,


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