Best Programming Podcasts: My Favorites

April 08, 2018

Welcome back guys, going on my current theme of learning more out of the limited time you have I taught I would discuss my favorite Programming/Software Engineering Podcasts. I have learned so much from just listening to these podcasts, I cannot say I am always been actively listening but even having them running in the background I have been able to pick up some cool stuff so without further delay here are my favorites.

Name: Syntax
Reason: This is probably my latest favorite podcast, if you are into Web Development this is the podcast for you. Each week they usually have a different topic, for example, the topic for this week was about testing in JS and the week before was all about jQuery and discussing if it was dead or not. What I like the most about this podcast is it is not always 100% technical, there are episodes about of personal topics for developers such as freelancing, dealing with failure and many more. They have the right blend of technical and soft skills topics.

Name: Software Engineering Daily
Reason: This is probably one of the most popular podcasts on “Software Engineering”. The topics are very wide-ranging and you can listen to whatever topic you are interesting it. You will learn a lot listening to this podcast. The topics range from DevOps type subjects to Cryptocurrency to smart contracts.

Name: Javascript Jabber
Reason: If you are into JS this is a good podcast. I do prefer the Syntax podcast as that podcast seems to be a lot more focused. On this podcast, there are 3-4 hosts and usually one guest and sometimes it can be hard to follow but despite that, they have very good guests and very interesting topics.

Name: Python Bytes
Reason: If you are into python and want to stay up to date on everything python this is a great podcast. The best part about this podcast is that it is very short and is often packed with information.


I hope you guys enjoy this post about Podcasts. I love listening to podcasts during my commute to work or even has background noise while I am coding I hope you found a new podcast to listen to.

Let me know your favorite podcasts.


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