2021: Self Development Goals

January 03, 2021

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Another year is here and it’s time for me to write my goals for 2021. This is the 4th year I am writing a post about my goals.


Goal 1: Promotion to Staff Software Engineer

How it will be measured: Well I will either be it or not be it at the end of the year.

Due Date: I want this to be done by at the latest middle of the year so around July / August

Next Steps: Follow the regular promotion process for my company!

Goal 2: Publish 35 Blog Posts

How it will be measured: As long as I am writing at least 3 posts per month I know I am on track.

Due Date: December 2021

Next Steps: Already started this I have a few already scheduled for January including this one.

Goal 3: Read 4 amount of Software books, Read 6 other non fiction Books

How it will be measured: I am looking to write blog posts on some of books I read, the book I am currently reading “Designing Data-Intensive applications”.

Due Date: December 2021

Next Steps: Gather a list of books I tend on reading in the next few months.

Goal 4: Complete at least 25 - 50 Leetcode Questions

How it will be measured: Leetcode shows how many problems you have solved at the end of the year I can take this number. I also planning on blogging about some of the leetcode problems I solve as another way to keep me accountable. Due Date: December 2021

Next Steps: Already have account setup with some problems.

Special Note: I am doing this because I feel like the skills that Leet Code questions test are not tested everyday development but they can teach you a lot about programming.


Well, there are my public self-development goals for 2021. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know what your self-development goals for 2021 are. I plan to write Goal check in posts.

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