2018 Year in Review

December 30, 2018

2018 is coming to an end (as unbelievable as this is to me), as the new year is approaching I try to look at the year passed and discussing what went well and what didn’t go so well. This post is more for me than anybody else so feel free to ignore it ;).

What went well

  • Release v2 of Zerowastestores - this was an exciting release for me as it was an end to one of my big projects.
  • Improved my CSS Skills - this was an important goal for me, CSS was always the thing I put off fully learning, I got lazy and reached for bootstrap for everything but this year I wanted to just pull the trigger and learn it. I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have done for my career and development.
  • Completed 2 rounds of ‘100 Days of Coding’ - Last year I had a pretty successful year with coding mostly every day but I wanted somewhat of a target this year and setting 100 days in a row allowed me to stay on track better.
  • Started a brand new job at! - This was a big change for me, I have been with IBM since I left college over 5 years ago. I have been with Jet over 2 months now and I am loving it and enjoying the new challenges I am having.

What didn’t go well

  • Write enough posts on this blog - I wrote 11 posts this year, whereas in 2017 I wrote over 20. Also not enough technical posts.
  • Only fully released one project, I had planned to release two or three projects this year but only got one.
  • Didn’t finish as many courses as I wanted too. I have a few unfinished courses that I need to return to and I am looking forward to finishing. Stay tuned for course reviews.

Overall my year went well, there were ups and downs and with any year, I have a new job going into 2019 and I couldn’t be more excited. Looking forward to planning my 2019!


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