Zerowasteshops v2 is Released!

January 28, 2018

Welcome back guys, I wrote a few weeks ago about my 12 Weeks Goals for this year, one goal was to release a new more polished version of Well, I am happy to announce I have officially released it!. I started working on this at the end of last year and been quite a long development process but I am glad it’s done and I am happy with the results. This version was about taking the feedback I got and implement as much of it as I could. Here is the list of the new and improved features:

  • Complete Front-end UI redesign.
  • Search is available on multiple parts of the website.
  • Location-based search, one the user gives the website location permission the search results can be localized.
  • Mobile friendly search results view
  • Show searched stores on a map view
  • Improved UX for Adding a Store
  • Improved UX for Donating
  • Reduced clicks to get more information for specific shops
  • Better admin login mechanism

It was a good experience releasing v2 of the website, it gave me a chance to go back and look at the code I wrote and see how I could improve it and how I can add features in the future easier. I know this wasn’t the usual “post” but its an important landmark for me finally releasing the project. I hope you guys like the site and if you use it please send me any feedback you have.

Until Next time,


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